About Me

Welcome to Radio Unida 920, a blog where we talk anything under the sun when it comes to business and lifestyle. Hi, I’m William, I created this blog with the intention of helping others, who are like me, interested on businesses and markets, to the extent that it has been part of the lifestyle.stock-photo-42526502-asian-businessman

This blog is posted with a wide variety of topics, for example, there are articles that would give you advices on how to acquire the necessary capital needed to start up your own business. There are also tips on how to spend the capital efficiently. Because in the end of the day, the goal of a business is to maximize the profit while minimizing the cost right?  Aside from that, there are also tips and guides on how to live a lifestyle with business. There are also articles for the news, current affairs and trends on the news world in this blog.

Do visit us regularly and please do not hesitate to keep in touch and contact me for questions.